The Gold Standard
in Unassisted Rooftop Delivery 

We built our business on the promise of reliable unassisted rooftop delivery of roofing materials, and it’s a reputation we take very seriously. From the 15 square, 3-tab re-roof on a modest 4/12 pitch ranch home to the 50+ squares of luxury shingles on a 12/12 pitch new custom home, you’ll receive the same level of dependable, professional service.

  • New construction or re-roof
  • Materials neatly stacked & in convenient locations
  • Same-Day and Next-AM delivery
  • GPS-based dispatching systems for accurate, timely delivery
  • Roof Loading Specialists receive extensive safety equipment training every year

1808_GiganticHouseOur 2-man teams will load your roof job unassisted, saving you time and money. You don't have to be on site to supervise, let alone catch. We were the first wholesale distributor of roofing materials to offer 2-man unassisted rooftop delivery of shingles in Michigan. We have decades of experience in rooftop delivery, and we continue to innovate with industry-leading equipment, technology, and practices. From the rigorous maintenance of our trucks & equipment to the demanding nature of our training and safety programs, everything we do is geared towards making your delivery as painless and hassle-free as possible.

1808_HouseinTreesTools For The Job

No one in Michigan & Northern Ohio is more experienced in the rooftop delivery of materials than we are. We invest in the best equipment so we can deliver your materials at our Gold Standard level of service. You'll have confidence knowing your materials are being delivered by trained professionals using the industry's most innovative equipment.


Rooftop Placement

We've consulted engineers and roofing contractors to determine the optimal rooftop placement of materials. We have perfected the formula for the placement of shingles based on truss load capacities and your preference on the spread of materials to make your job safer and more convenient. We use yellow boards called shingle support nailers to secure our rooftop deliveries, preventing material from sliding off the roof and causing an accident. Our deliveries not only look professional, they are the safest in the business. 1808_allstars_roofloading2

A Focus On
Continuous Improvement

Our Systems & Business Process Manager and our Director of Safety work with our Operations Department to continuously review and refine our delivery procedures.  This focus on improvement -  through thousands of hours per year of fine-tuning and training - results in the Gold Standard for Unassisted Rooftop Delivery experience that Wimsatt provides to roofing contractors. 

Unrivaled Inventory

To support your business, we maintain deep inventories to ensure that we have the products you need in stock when you need them. With over 300 shingle profiles in stock from six manufacturers, we’ve got the widest, deepest, and largest shingle inventory in the market. This allows you to sell with confidence, knowing we have the shingles you need in stock and available for same-day or next-day delivery. Extra material left over? You’ll appreciate that you can return saleable stock product to any Wimsatt location within 30 days for credit. (see branch return policy for details).