Catalog Rewards

Choose from Thousands of Rewards

Will you purchase $35,000 or more worth of exterior building products during the year?  Then Wimsatt Catalog Rewards is right for you! Sign up for Catalog Rewards to spend the points you earn at Wimsatt on your choice of literally thousands of rewards:

  • Merchandise - Electronics, Outdoor Gear, Games, Gifts and More
  • Sporting Events & Concerts
  • Digital Downloads - Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and more

If you are already enrolled in Catalog Rewards and would like to continue, you are all set and do not have to re-enroll. If you earned 35,000 points or more during a prior program year: 

  • Unredeemed points earned 12/1/16-11/30/17 still expire on 2/28/19.
  • Unredeemed points earned 12/1/17-11/30/19 expire on 2/28/20. 

You must earn at least 35,000 points during each Program Year (December-November) to be able to redeem those points.