A wide variety of glass colors, textures, shapes and caming options lets you add stylish detail to your door while balancing the amount of privacy and natural light you prefer. Browse Flush-Glazed options for a more expansive view. For maximum privacy, consider Privacy and Textured glass options or Internal Blinds. 

All triple-pane decorative, privacy and textured glass panels are enclosed between tempered glass, offering superior quality and thermal performance.

Explore how doors come to life with Therma-Tru Glass

Decorative Glass Decoration

low-e.jpgWith 27 exclusive decorative glass families and multiple sidelite and transom configurations, you’ll find the ideal style to bring light and style to your entryway. 

Privacy and Textured Glass


Therma-Tru doors and sidelites can be fitted with their beautiful privacy and textured glass. Choose from a versatile assortment with varying levels of opacity to meet both your preferred style and privacy needs.

All privacy and textured glass options have triple-pane construction, providing thermal efficiency and making the surface easy to clean. 

Satin Etch   
A pearlescent glass that delivers a pure, simple design aesthetic.



This vertical pattern is reminiscent of waves on water.



A free-flowing configuration that presents gentle lines and curves.



This elegantly-fashioned glass gives the appearance of ripples of cascading rainwater.



A coarse-grained arrangement with surface detail over the entirety of the glass. 


Energy Efficient Low-E Glass

In cold weather, Low-E glass helps reduce loss of heat by reflecting the heat back inside your home, while in warm weather, Low-E glass reflects the sun’s rays off of the glass, helping to keep your interior cool.


Flush-Glazed Glass

With up to a 16% increase in visible glass area compared to conventional lite frames, you get a wider opening to let in more natural light.

Flush-glazed glass means the glass is built directly into the door during the manufacturing process, offering long-term performance. The polyurethane foam core surrounds the glass, helping to provide durability, strength, and weather protection.

Flush-glazed selections are available in Therma-Tru's Classic-Craft, Fiber-Classic and Smooth-Star collections.

Divided Lites

By coordinating with your window grid patterns, you can create a cohesive look that complements your home’s architectural style and increases your curb appeal.

What is a divided lite? Traditionally, individual panes of glass were held in place by wood or metal grilles to create a pattern. Therma-Tru recreates that traditional character by adding “dividers” to the glass in an array of profile, size and color options to give you the most flexibility of style.

Simulated Divided Lites (SDLs)Simulated Divided Lites (SDLs)
Grilles Between GlassGrilles Between Glass
Removable Wood GrillesRemovable Wood Grilles
Fixed GrillesFixed Grilles
SDLs with Grilles Between GlassSDLs with Grilles Between Glass


Internal Blinds

internal_blinds.jpgProtected between two panes of tempered glass for enhanced safety and performance, internal blinds are a kid- and pet-friendly choice.


Screen-Vented Sidelites


Vented sidelites work as small swinging doors to provide ventilation with convenient, removable screens. These sidelites are engineered for durability and safety. 


Impact-Rated Glass


Therma-Tru offers impact-rated glass that meets high-wind and coastal region codes and regulations, offering excellent performance in extreme weather conditions while providing added protection.