What's The Value of Unassisted Rooftop Delivery?

Wimsatt sets the Gold Standard in Unassisted Rooftop Delivery with a two-man team. This team rooftops your job unassisted, meaning you don't have to pay your crew to hump shingles, catch, or even supervise. When your crew arrives at the jobsite, they can get to work immediately - without the stress, fatigue, and lower productivity that comes with loading the roof. Let's put a financial value on that service for your company:

Cost of Roof Loading

# of Roofs/Year roofs/yr
Average Size sq
Labor Rate (inc. benefits) $ /hr
# of Laborers  
Time for Crew to Load Job hrs
Extra Travel Cost (gas/hours) $  

Lost Sales Opportunity

Install Speed sq/hr
Charge/sq to Your Customer /sq
Your Profit Margin %


Total Lost Profit:

Cost to Load Job $  
Squares that could be installed in lost time sq
Sale Value of Lost Productivity/Job $  
Lost Profit/Job $  
Lost Profit/Job + Cost to Load Job $ /job
Cost per square $ /sq
Cost per year $ /yr

This is your annual lost profit from having your crew roof-load roofing materials for your jobs... the value of unassisted rooftop delivery.


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The Gold Standard in Unassisted Rooftop Delivery